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Radley - handbag and accessories referral program

Why referrals are in the bag for Radley

Radley, the iconic British handbag and accessories brand, has a loyal customer base who love their playful designs and quality craftmanship.

Keen to harness this advocacy, they selected the Mention Me referral platform to power their refer-a-friend program to build new customer acquisition and reward their happy customers for sharing the brand.

The scheme was up and running within a month and quickly became a key part of their marketing mix.


Radley Handbags Referral Scheme


This case study has insight into the success of the Radley referral scheme:

  • How the Mention Me unique Name Sharing capability takes referrals to another level
  • Why Average Order Value (AOV) can benefit from referral
  • The positive ROI of refer-a-friend marketing

Download our case study on the successful Radley referral program for full insight.


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