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Swoon Editions Referral Programme - powered by Mention Me

Case Study: Swoon worthy furniture proves highly referrable

With a mission to make homes remarkable though distinctive design, beautiful craft and fair prices, Swoon Editions have built up a loyal customer base. Keen to harness this advocacy they decided to launch a referral programme, and selected the Mention Me platform to power it. 

Their approach of launching products in limited edition batches means that their products are highly coveted - the ideal environment for driving referrals and increasing customer acquisition. Referrals can be particularly successful when linked to products which are seen as unique or scarce.

Through a programme of AB testing of all elements of the referral scheme, Swoon are already seeing great results!

Swoon Editions Customer Referral Offer


Download the Swoon case study to find out:

  • How refer-a-friend can increase the average order value (AOV) compared to non-referred customers
  • How simply testing a % discount Vs a £ discount can have dramatic results
  • Which points in the customer journey are ideally suited for referral messages

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