What is Mention Me?

Mention Me exists to help businesses to get the referral channel to work for them. Our referral platform has all of the features you need to make referral a success and our team work alongside you to determine how to unlock the potential of the channel for your business.

We start by modeling out a business case to show how well the channel will work for you and the numbers you can expect to deliver from a refer-a-friend programme.

We then aim to enable you to start unlocking the potential of the referral channel as quickly as possible. Our integration is light (based on JavaScript tags) and places few demands on your technology team.

Once you’re live you have all of the tools you need, and the expertise on hand, to allow you to optimise the referral programme for your different customer segments. We incorporate best practice and innovation (such as the ability for customers to share by name) so that you can have a world-class referral programme live from day one.

We also back ourselves to make it work for each business we work with by charging on a cost per acquisition basis, rather than charging license fees.

Where did Mention Me come from?

Mention Me was founded in January 2013 by Tim Boughton and Andy Cockburn. They previously worked together at HomeAway where Andy was the UK Managing Director and Tim was the European CTO.

Prior to founding Mention Me, Tim and Andy built and managed several online businesses that had really happy customers. Those customers liked the companies so much that they were happy to tell their friends about them. In some of them, up to 60% of new customers came from referrals from friends. And those companies that did it best managed to really encourage customers to share with their friends by rewarding their customers generously and making it easy.

Tim and Andy left those companies to set up Mention Me because they realised that there is a great opportunity to enable all companies to do this better and help their customers benefit.

Why focus on referral marketing?

Why focus on referral marketing? At Mention Me we believe that good companies should be able to use their marketing budgets more intelligently to grow. Good companies have happy customers and happy customers like to tell their friends about good companies. And when that happens, there’s no need to spend money going out to look for new customers.

Since a referred customer doesn’t incur a marketing cost, it makes sense to pass some of that saving on to the new customer (as an introductory offer) and the friend who referred them (as a thank you). When you do this, you as a business open up a new marketing channel that you can control and optimise. And best of all it’s a channel where everyone wins: you, your new customers and your most loyal customers.

Where is Mention Me going?

Mention Me is hoping to be able to help all websites turn to their own customers as the first port of call when they’re looking to grow. We believe that this is the future of marketing. In a few years, companies will spend less on above the line marketing and display and instead they will offer better prices for customers who share with each other. If we can play a part in making that happen then we’ll be very happy.