International Friendship Day

Are you ready to
make a difference?

Just like referral marketing, friendship is rooted in our sense of connection and unity. Together, we can achieve great things - for both our businesses and our communities.

This year, in celebration of International Friendship Day, we’re on a mission to raise £5,000 for our friends at the South London Refugee Association. But we need your help to make it a success.

For every brand that runs an International Friendship Day referral campaign between July 22 and Aug 5, we’ll donate £50 to the South London Refugee Association.

That’s not all. Running a Friendship Day campaign could do great things for your brand’s reputation and bottom-line, too.

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How to get started

Steve Jobs said “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” For this project to be successful, we need you. If you’ve already started planning your Friendship Day campaign - that’s great! Let us know and we’ll contribute £50 on your behalf. If you haven’t, let’s get started! Setting up a Friendship Day campaign is quick and easy. Here’s our tips on how to make it a success.

1. Run a special incentive

  • Promotional gifts
  • Special discount or double incentive
  • Charity donation with each referral
  • Combine incentives to make them feel more special

2. Update your copy & design

Be creative or try one of our suggestions:

  • 'Share what you love'
  • 'Win your friend's heart'

Not sure what copy to use? Chat with your Client Success Manager for a suggestion tailored to you and your audience.

3. Extend Promotion

We recommend going for an extended promotion period from July 22 to Aug 5, but a single week from July 29 to Aug 5 could also work.

4. We'll work with you

We want your campaign to be a success. Your Client Success Manager is on hand to recommend the best incentive to run and our design studio can execute your designs for you. Alternatively, download our lookbook for various copy, design, and incentive examples for your campaign. 

Example design and messaging for International Friendship Day
3 reasons to promote International Friendship Day

1. for charity

As friends of Mention Me, your Friendship Day promotion will support the South London Refugee Association, an organisation providing support and stability for refugees and asylum seekers.

2. for business

With Amazon Prime Day fast approaching on 15th and 16th July, retailers face a significant drop in online sales. Indeed, last year saw online retail sales down by 18% on Prime Day. Friendship Day gives the opportunity to combat the competition and keep your sales steady.

3. For your customers

In addition to supporting charity and boosting your business, Friendship Day enables you to strengthen your brand’s relationship with customers and their loved ones. Incorporating a call-to-action which encourages your customers to share your brand will give a positive and less commercial message likely to be appreciated by today’s purpose-driven shoppers.

About International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day has been about longer than you may think. It was first proposed by the World Friendship Crusade in1958 to foster a culture of peace through friendship. In 2011, the United Nations declared 30th July as the official International Day of Friendship.

Beatles and Winnie the Pooh

Fun facts

  • The Beatles released their popular song “With a Little Help from My Friends” in 1967 to mark the 10th anniversary of International Friendship Day.
  • In 1998, Nane Annan, the wife of the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, named cuddly toy character Winnie the Pooh as the Ambassador of Friendship.
  • A popular custom includes giving pink and yellow roses to friends.