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How to launch a successful refer-a-friend programme

How to launch a successful refer a friend scheme

This is a practical guide to help you think through everything that you need to  launch a referral programme.

  • Building the business case
  • Where to promote referral
  • Which incentives to use
  • Selecting share options


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Experimenting with your referral programme

Experimenting with AB testing for successful referral programs


This guide distills the learnings from over 700 A/B tests.  We highlight 7 experiments to get you thinking about your own refer-a-friend test plan

  • How to engage your customers to share
  • Different reward incentives you can test
  • Using social proof in your experiments
  • Advice on testing throughout the full funnel

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Guide to referrals in the homeware sector (PDF)


Referrals in the Homeware Sector Report



With increasing demand for value-for-money homeware products on the one hand, and one-of-a- kind customisable pieces on the other, the homeware sector is an ideal environment to capture advocacy via referrals. Our report looks at:

  • Key stats about the Homeware market
  • Key trends which make homewares highly referrable
  • We share examples of great homeware referral schemes


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Nine Factors For Referral Success (Infographic)

Secrets for successful referral programmes


There is no single factor that spells success for referral marketing. We've created this infographic to outline the nine elements that go into the mix.

  • The impact of the social capital from sharing a product
  • How to consider margin and discounting
  • More mature vs younger shopper demographics
  • More...


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Psychology of Referral (slide show)

Psychology of Referral


This deck is a summary of our 3 part Psychology of Referral series. 

  • What really motivates a customer to refer-a-friend?
  • 6 weapons of influence key to every successful referral campaign
  • How to "Nudge" potential customers to convert




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Guide to the psychology of referral

Guide to the Psychology of Referral

The attraction of referral programmes is not only financial; they tap into a much deeper human need for social recognition and belonging. This guide looks at:

  • What motivates a customer to refer a friend?
  • The perfect mix of persuasive ingredients for referral
  • Nudge theory
  • Testing matrix considering psychological barriers and enablers


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Guide to referrals in the gifting sector (PDF)




Gifts are one of the most referrable products. With inherently shareable products combined with the psychology of gift giving, referrals should make up a considerable proportion of new customer acquisition.

  • Key dates for the sector
  • Trends in gifting
  • Why referral in gifting is so successful
  • Examples of succesful gift referral programmes


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Guide to referrals in the children's sector (PDF)


Guide to Referral Marketing for Children's Retailers



So much authority comes from fellow parents, as well as trusted family members and friends who can testify to a product’s quality. For ecommerce brands in this space, this makes referral campaigns a huge customer acquisition secret weapon. 

  • Trends in children's retail 
  • Why refer-a-friend is successful in this sector
  • Examples of succesful referral programmes


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6 Weapons of Influence (Infographic)

Weapons of Influence for referral marketing


A successful referral programme depends on the perfect mix of persuasive ingredients or "weapons of influence". This infographic outlines the 6 key elements.

  • Reciprocation
  • Commitment and Consistency
  • Social Proof

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Harnessing Word of Mouth (slide show)

20161207_Harnessing WOM_Download1.jpg


At the Festival of Marketing our CEO talked about how to harness word-of-mouth for viral growth. Download the slides to learn about the "3 P's of Referral":

  • Practicalities
  • Psychology
  • Promotion



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