Successful Referral Programmes - Case Studies

Farfetch logo

Farfetch referral scheme case study

Farfetch is leading the way in high-end fashion retail, offering an inspirational shopping experience.

Mention Me worked with Farfetch to turn referral into a successful marketing channel. Withing nine months, Farfetch was receiving 15% of new customers from referrals from their existing customers.








Ovo Energy refer-a-friend Case Study

OVO Energy have been leading the charge in improving the energy market in the UK since they launched in 2009.

Mention Me replaced an agency that Ovo Energy had been working with to manage their referral programme. There was immediate improvement and over the first four months the channel grew to represent 11% of online acquisition for them.







Healthspan referrals as acquisition case study

Healthspan is the UK's no.1 direct supplier of vitamins and supplements.


Mention Me have worked with Healthspan to turn referral into one of their most successful acquisition channels.









Emma Bridgewater successful referral program

Emma Bridgewater, the iconic British pottery and homeware brand, wanted to give something back to the customers who were referring them.

After just 6 months of collaboration with Mention Me,  the marketing team at Emma Bridgewater have created a successful referral channel which already accounts for an 11% uplift in new customers.






Bloom & Wild referral case study

Bloom & Wild deliver beautiful, fresh flowers in presentation boxes that fit through your letter box.

The business has enjoyed rapid success and is shaking up the UK flower market. Mention Me worked with Bloom & Wild throughout that rapid growth and now delivers up to 30% of their new customers in peak months.







My 1st Years Logo

My 1st Years Referral Case Study

My 1st Years is the UK's leading personalised baby gift retailer, creating products which become treasured memories.

Such unique products are naturally referrable. The team at My 1st Years have seen great growth in sales from referrals and have also noticed that referred customers spend on average 13% more than non-referred customers.







How refer-a-friend boosted Glasses Direct online acquisitionGlasses Direct have been leading the way in making glasses more affordable by selling them direct online for over 10 years.

After 24 months of successful collaboration with Mention Me, Glasses Direct is receiving an amazing 30% of online acquisition from asking their existing customers to refer-a-friend!  










Trouva is the home of independant boutiques. Customers are more likely to recommend something original or distinctive with their friends, so Trouva has the perfect proposition to make referrals fly.

After partnering with Mention Me,  the Trouva team have created a successful referral channel which sees a share rate amongst customers of 22% in key months.