How experiential retail is reshaping the high street

To say that the internet, and the eCommerce industry is spawned, has had a huge impact on the retail high street, is a bit like saying that iTunes (and then Spotify) had a rather large effect on CD and vinyl album sales. Or that the likes of Netflix proved to be a tad disruptive to the DVD rental market.

The subscription economy: changing our relationships with brands

Global spending on subscription-based services and products is booming, powered by an ever-growing range of brands offering everything from media content, to specialist food and drink, apparel, and cosmetics.

Mother’s Day and referral amplification

We’re in the midst of one of the silly seasons for many retailers.  We’re referring to Valentine’s Day followed by Mothering Sunday just 6 weeks later in the UK this year.  It’s very common for businesses to develop a retail calendar with peaks and troughs in sales volume throughout their season and for many businesses Valentine’s Day and Mothering Sunday,  spark two big spikes of activity which can make or break their numbers.

Referral Marketing Best Practice - the shortlist for our coveted 2019 Referral Awards.

Working with over 350 leading brands to power their referral programmes means selecting the finalists for this year's coveted MeTime Referral Marketing Awards has been a tricky process!

Covering a whole spectrum of industries, from Travel to Finance and Fashion to Food, no two programmes are the same. Each combines a unique blend of incentive, creative and copy to tap into the psychology of their particular demographic and drive brand advocacy.

On International Women's Day our team discuss what balance means to them.

This year's theme for International Women's Day is #BalanceforBetter, something that we feel is particularly relevant here at Mention Me, given that one of our cultural values is Balance.

Whilst we strive as a company to offer employees an environment where they can achieve balance in their life, yesterday we hosted a panel discussion with some of our female employees, to see if we were living up to the challenge. We also wanted to understand their experiences in the wider environment and previous employment to see whether we could see an improving picture. 

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