Getting started with referrals

  • How much does it cost to run a referral scheme?
  • What development resource do I need to launch a referral scheme?
  • Does Mention Me integrate with eCommerce shopping carts?
  • How does the referral process work?
  • We don't have a website yet. Can you still help?

Find out about getting started with referrals


Referral Rewards

  • What are the best referral rewards?
  • How are referrals fulfilled?
  • Should coupon/voucher codes be single use?
  • How can we ensure we are not rewarding existing customers?
  • Are there issues with fraud?

Find out about referral rewards and fulfillment


Sharing Methods

  • What sharing methods work for refer-a-friend?
  • How can Mention Me help me capture word-of-mouth?

Find out about sharing methods and word-of-mouth



  • How can I measure how successful my referral program is?

Find out about referral scheme reporting


Resourcing & Support

  • What would my own customer service team need to do?
  • Do we need a designer for our program?
  • How much support does Mention Me provide their clients?

Find out about resourcing and support for your referral program


International Requirements

  • Does Mention Me support referrals in all languages?
  • What currencies does Mention Me support?
  • Does Mention Me work with International clients?

Find out about running an international referral scheme



  • What if my website is non-transactional?

Find out about referral schemes on non-transactional websites