The Mention Me Team

The Founders

Founded in January 2013, Mention Me was the brainchild of Tim Boughton and Andy Cockburn. They previously worked together at HomeAway where Andy was the UK Managing Director and Tim was the European CTO.

Two observations led to the birth of Mention Me. Firstly, whilst building and managing online businesses, they noted that happy customers tended to tell their friends about products and services they loved. In some cases, up to 60% of new customers came from referrals from friends. And those companies that did it best were those who rewarded their customers generously and made it easy.

Secondly, they experienced the difficulty of developing referral programs in-house. Where development resources are limited, securing adequate resource for the initial build is difficult. Compared to outsourcing referral, this tech bottleneck also constrained performance.

Tim and Andy set up Mention Me because they realised that they could help brands become truly great at referral.

TIm Boughton - CTO Mention Me

Tim Boughton

CTO & Co-founder

Andy Cockburn - CEO Mention Me

Andy Cockburn

CEO & Co-founder

Client Success Team

Your success is our success. So we don’t just provide a widget that you plug into your business and hope for the best. We develop tailored, flexible referral programs, unique to each brand.

You’ll be assigned a Client Success Manager who will help you to get your program off to a flying start. Then, taking the insight and referral expertise they’ve developed working with numerous leading brands, they will help you put in place a series of AB tests and refinements to optimise your program and take it to the next level.

Product and Engineering Team

We think we already have the best referral marketing solution in the land. But that doesn’t mean that our product and engineering team are resting on their laurels. Far from it. In fact, in their quest to build the ultimate referral machine for our clients they typically undertake a release a week.

Whether introducing new sharing channels (currently 16), offering new languages (20 and counting) or perfecting the client dashboard to deliver even greater insight for our clients, they aim to maintain our position as world class referral marketing experts.

Sales Team

You’d think that all enlightened marketing teams would already have a referral program in place. Or at least be looking for one. Surprisingly that’s not the case. But our Sales team are on the job to find those brands that are missing out on these valuable new customers.

They have the inside track on what unique referral recipe works for different verticals. From fashion to beauty, homewares to gifts. Bringing this insight together they present brands with a tailor made solution of how it can work for them, and what results they can expect.

Marketing Team

Our marketing team work tirelessly to educate their fellow marketers about the merits of referral and how it can become a core component of their marketing mix.

They can see the amazing results that the unique Mention Me platform delivers to its clients. This insight is pulled together in a series of downloadable guides for brands wanting to know how they can benefit from referral. They also hold regularly events where you can hear direct from our clients why they love working with Mention Me.

The marketing team have ensured that the secret sauce of Mention Me is no longer a secret. We’ve been shortlisted and won several awards in the retail and tech sector.

The Mention Me Team

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