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Moving to the Oval ... scoring a century

A few weeks ago the team at Mention Me celebrated signing our 100th client. And given that we've just moved to an amazing new office near Oval, there had to be a cricket pun in there somewhere about scoring a century.

Why Outsource Refer-a-Friend?

Why is refer-a-friend not yet on all sites?

Refer-a-friend schemes have been around since the mid-2000s yet they are still not a “must have” for online businesses. When we surveyed 150 online business in the UK – a mix of retailers, subscription businesses and marketplaces – we found that less than 50% offered refer-a-friend schemes. Of those that did, less than 15% considered the refer-a-friend schemes to be a runaway success. The reasons for the lack of companies offering refer-a-friend, and the lack of success in those that are live, are exactly the same reasons it is worth outsourcing refer-a-friend in the first place.

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