Valentines Day Referral Rewards

Is Valentine's Day the perfect time to reward your customer's love?


With the peak shopping season of Christmas a distant memory, it is time for gift retailers to turn their attention to Valentine’s Day, which is just two short weeks away.

Not something to be sniffed at, especially for the floristry business, £1.6bn was spent in 2016 on gifts and treats for Valentine’s Day, according to Worldpay.

As our previous post about Mother’s Day outlined, retailers with a referral scheme can amplify the sales peak of seasonal events. Valentine’s Day, followed by Mother’s Day (6 weeks later this year) and swiftly after by Easter, provides the ideal scenario:

When a delighted recipient of a gift on Valentine’s Day recommends the brand to their friend, this leads to new customers for the brand. Not only that, but the original customer is more likely to make a repeat purchase with their referral reward (Mother’s Day or Easter presenting the perfect opportunity)  and the introduced friend is more likely to share with their friends too.

Fact: Being introduced to a company, with an introductory offer from a friend, results in a greater likelihood of becoming a referrer of the brand yourself.

This is perfectly illustrated by the Bloom & Wild referral programme, where 45% of referred customers go on to refer someone themselves.

If your experience of Valentine’s Day sales last year was a disappointing one-off peak then take a look at our Gifting Sector Referral Guide. Here you can get more insight into how referrals can build your customer base for the long term.

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