The big day celebrated by Cadbury, Dove and Vodafone your brand is overlooking

30th July marks International Friendship Day, an annual event with huge potential for your brand’s profile and bottom line.

Virtual influencers: the next big marketing trend or latest gimmick?

As a concept, influencer marketing is nothing new. Look back as far as the 1930s and you’ll find Santa featuring in Coca Cola adverts and doctors endorsing cigarettes (yes, really).

But the emergence of social media over the past decade has propelled influencer marketing to new heights.

A day in the life of a Product manager

Welcome to our ‘A Day in the Life’ series. Each month, we’ll chat with a Mention Me employee to find out more about their role and what it entails, (as well as potentially unearth a fun fact or two!).

First up is Anca, our Product Manger and one of Mention Me’s first employees to join back in 2015.


International Friendship Day: the next big thing in the consumer retail calendar?

International Friendship Day, introduced by the UN in 1997, takes place on 30 July. Having been celebrated across countries and cultures for many years, International Friendship Day appears to be building up a whole new wave of momentum enabled by social media. Retailers recognise the great humanising power of associating their brand with this authentic and heart-warming calendar event, and social media platforms enable the day to be easily championed and shared.

How experiential retail is reshaping the high street

To say that the internet, and the eCommerce industry is spawned, has had a huge impact on the retail high street, is a bit like saying that iTunes (and then Spotify) had a rather large effect on CD and vinyl album sales. Or that the likes of Netflix proved to be a tad disruptive to the DVD rental market.

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